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Our Vision

Heritage College is committed to prepare every child to meet the challenges of a changing world with courage and confidence through a program of holistic education focused on developing the spiritual, physical, mental and social dimensions that characterise a balanced and purpose-driven life. 

Our Mission

Transformational Learning 

Heritage College will continue to provide a Godly environment whereby students will engage in a high level of intellectual activities in a quality learning environment that develops and makes explicit to students the significance of their work.


Individual Care 

Heritage College desires to value every child’s individual potential and encourage students to achieve their best in a safe and secure school.  We aim to build resilience and self-esteem in all students and reinforce Christadelphian values to enable students to become contributing members of our community. 


Community Connectedness 

Heritage College intends to build a culture of cooperation between the school and both the Christadelphian and Local Community to maximise participation and effectiveness. We aim to ensure the Christadelphian ethos of the school is maintained and projected in the broader community.


Professional Development 

Heritage College intends to recruit quality staff and to train staff to ensure continual improvement and quality teaching practices are implemented. 


Dynamic Leadership 

Heritage College intends to secure the long-term security and stability of the school by improving the school campus to facilitate growth in enrolments to ensure the school’s continued prosperity.

Our 8 Guiding Values

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