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Welcome to Heritage College Lake Macquarie

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Simon Dodson


Heritage College is a K-12 school that encourages students to do their best. Our smaller school enables students to be recognised for who they are as individuals with extraordinary potential. Each student is cared for and catered for. 


Heritage College is a school that supports children through primary and secondary schooling. We provide opportunities for children to shine. Every child is special and every child can succeed. It’s an amazing experience to work with children from the time they begin school aged five, to the time they leave school as young adults ready to take on the challenges of post-school life.

Heritage College teaches students to show others respect and kindness. The golden rule, taught by Jesus, directs us to treat all others as we would want to be treated. These Christian principles are part of our core ethos. They underpin our school’s mission and objectives. Our school does not just teach students how to read and write, but how to behave and speak to others respectfully and with compassion.

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